Was it the Wrong Choice of Words that Created An International Controversy at SxSW?

Were homeless people at this year’s SXSW ‘used as WI-FI hotspots’, or given an opportunity to make some money and draw attention to the issues they face?

What a difference a day makes

Time can affect computer systems in a serious way. But do computers need time? Or have we just programmed them with our obsession?

The Anatomy of a Successful Social Network

New social network Pinterest already has 12 million users whilst still operating as an invite only site. What’s drawing in the crowds?

Three New Digital Startups for Cornwall

Three new digital startups have launched in Cornwall, supported by the Superfast Labs programme at University College Falmouth

We're here to listen

Hello everyone. Here’s the latest in my (very) occasional series of blog posts reflecting on communication in all its forms… A LITTLE WHILE AGO ONLINE MUSIC MAGAZINE THE QUIETUS PUBLISHED AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON A DISTURBING TREND IN POPULAR MUSIC!…

An introduction to the IT Industry, or how I learned how to stop worrying about enterprise IT and love the end-user

In January John Kerrison and I joined the Radix copywriting team. This was obviously fantastic for both of us, but there was a teeny, tiny problem: neither of us was particularly savvy about what makes the IT industry tick, let…

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