Radix has moved to Jubilee Warehouse!

Radix Communications has moved into fantastic new eco-friendly offices in the Jubilee Warehouse on Penryn's Commercial Road.

GHz, HDD, TB: Why B2C tech copy needs to step it up

B2B is meant to be the dullard when it comes to marketing creativity. But is it always? George argues that B2C should take a leaf out of the B2B playbook when it comes to marketing complex technologies.

How I learned to stop worrying and love comics in B2B marketing

Comics are not just having a resurgence in popular media, the format is also increasingly being used by marketing teams in companies like Google, Sage and Marketo. But why should enterprises work with the format and how should they go about it? Find out in our free ebook.

Content Catalogue: How to write copy for infographics

As time-pressed businesspeople demand content that’s more immediate and easier to digest, infographics are playing an ever bigger role in B2B marketing. This new instalment in our Content Catalogue series looks at the whys and hows of writing copy for infographics.

Taking a look at Haiku Deck

There are lots of digital content creation platforms vying for the attention of marketers and general business users. For this post, Emily takes a look at presentation creator and host Haiku Deck.

The journey from marketer to copywriter – My trip there and part of the way back again

Steve looks back at his first year at Radix, exploring his transition from marketer to B2B technology copywriter and the challenges it presented.

Radix Copycast Episode 17 – Storytelling in B2B, the final frontier

Storytelling is back on the agenda for content marketers, but how can copywriters adapt storytelling concepts in copy for B2B marketing? Listen to find out.

Where are the UK’s B2B content marketing influencers?

In all those lists of top content marketers, the UK never seems to get a look-in. Fiona aims to redress the balance by nominating 10 UK-based content marketers who continue to inspire and educate her.

How long a blog post should be, or why we’re all Jack Bauer

How long should a blog post be? Should it be long or short? Is there a minimum you should aim for? Emily looks at why post length should be the least of your concerns.

Radix Copycast Episode 16 – Can copywriters abandon Microsoft Word?

This month we look at the tools of the copywriter’s trade. Is MS Word still the only game in town, or in the era of digital content, are there newer tools that do a better job?

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