6 not-so-surprising marketing lessons from TFM&A 2015

Happening over two days, TFM&A is where marketing best practice meets marketing technology. But just what were Emily’s main takeaways from this year’s event?

Poetry in B2B: a fact of life

Recently, George argued that poetry has no place in B2B marketing. From the other side of the Radix copywriters’ bench, Kieran begs to differ.

Radix Copycast Episode 23: What “intelligent content” means for B2B copywriters

A radical new style of ultra-personalized content delivery is emerging. We look at what the advent of “intelligent” or “adaptive” content will mean for B2B copywriters.

Embrace the edit: 5 writing tactics to get past the first draft

Learning to edit your own first-draft copy saves time for you and your client. We have five tips to help you get your first draft into a near-perfect state.

How to use Creative Commons images safely on blogs

Sites like Flickr offer a wealth of images for commercial use, but there’s more to using Creative Commons images than right-click and “Save-As”.

2014: The Year Social Content Dominated B2B Technology Marketing?

As a B2B tech copywriting agency, Radix has a great first-hand view of the types of content that marketers in the tech sector are producing. For this post, Emily and Fiona sift through every project the Radix team worked on in 2014 to uncover the year’s big trends.

Poetry in B2B: epic sword of lightning, or really bad idea?

With marketers looking for new formats to engage prospects, it can only be a matter of time before white papers start to be repurposed into poetry. George has one word of advice: don’t.

Radix Copycast Episode 22: Five smart strategies to freshen up your B2B content

In this episode, we explore what you can do to ensure your content marketing stays fresh and useful for your audiences.

Help – my client wants my copy to be “more sparkly”! What do I do?

Writing snappy copy for B2B audiences is hard. If your client is clamouring for more vibrant writing, here are four tips to make your copy sparkle.

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