By accident or design, you’ve arrived at the website for Radix Communications Ltd. We’re a UK-based team of B2B tech copywriters, working for agencies and brands worldwide. We’re pleased to meet you (albeit in undeniably awkward circumstances, what with this being our 404 error page and all).

If there’s some information you’d like, we’ll be very happy to help. You’ll find some links at the top of the page.

Alternatively, please do email us, or call +44 (0)1326 373592. Or perhaps you might like to browse our B2B copywriting blog.













…Actually, though, while you’re here… there is something we’d like to get off our collective chest.

It’s pronounced “Radix”.

As in “Raddix”.

It’s not “RAH-dix”. And certainly not “RAY-dix”. 

It didn’t bother us the first hundred times we heard it. But now, we’re convinced that somewhere out there, every time someone calls us “RAHYdix”, a kitten stubs her toe. (A different kitten each time, obviously. Not the same kitten. That would be needlessly cruel.) So if you could call us “Radix”, that would be great.

Thank you. We feel better now.

This whole relationship started quite awkwardly, we’ll admit – you know, with you stumbling in on a page that isn’t really here (we never did clarify exactly whose fault that was, but we’re beyond that) – however now we’ve had a time of sharing and openness, it feels as if we might have bonded just a little bit.

And of course, if there’s anything you’d like to share in turn, we’ll be happy to listen. Or at any rate, to read.

But no pressure.

If you’d rather simply read our blog, that’s fine. Better than fine, in fact. It’s lovely. 


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