A learning curve: My first three months as a Radix Account Manager

As Radix grows, we’ve been on the hunt for great relationship managers to help us deliver high-quality copy on a daily basis to our clients in the enterprise tech sector. Here, our newest relationship manager Chloe talks about her first three months at Radix.

Getting into the role of account manager

Three months ago, I nervously joined the team at Radix Communications, making the leap from one niche market to another.

Taking place on the river in Penryn, an idyllic stretch of the Cornish coastline, my job interview wasn’t quite like any I’d had before. I met the team in the office and was then led outside to the river where we boarded a boat.

Not just any old boat; a glass-fronted boat with a picturesque view of the Penryn River. Unfortunately it was raining and the tide was out, but still: a glass fronted boat!

Brain of Brian barge photo by Hugh Hastings v3

A fine location for a job interview – the Brain of Brian barge, photo by Hugh Hastings, © Marraum Architecture

Pioneering new marketing techniques

Fast forward three months and here I am, the newest addition to the Radix team. In the last three months I have realised just how cutting edge the work Radix does is. Tomorrow’s marketing methods in my previous role are yesterday’s marketing methods for Radix and its clients.

Although, having said that, I had been working in the hydrographic industry, mostly made up of former surveyors who were used to living life on board a boat in the North Sea for months at a time, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Marketing certainly was not one of their priorities, no matter how hard I fought its corner.

So, to join a company writing copy for technology firms at the cutting edge of business-to-business marketing was great. With clients based all around the world, I ploughed into managing a huge range of projects, from social media seeds to slideshares to email nurture campaigns.

Cornwall’s hidden tech copywriters

As one of the only (maybe the only) copywriting agencies focusing purely on the enterprise technology sector, we’re even responsible for creating the messaging behind some of our clients’ brands. Who knew there were so many tech-centric copywriters hidden within the diverse depths of Cornwall? Responsible for the copy behind some of the world’s biggest marketing campaigns out there?

Team Radix at work Andrew Wright Photography-47

The Radix team – with Chloe centre of picture, in pink

So what is it like to work in an office full of tech-savvy copywriters? In a word: interesting. I thought I was fairly adept with all things technology related – until I joined this office. Everyone here knows and understands the inner workings of all the latest devices; whether it’s the most recent unmanned aerial vehicle or the latest cloud storage system. I realised I knew nothing in comparison.

On the bright side, if your computer ever breaks, there’s always someone around who knows how to fix it. Or at the very least, advise you on which part needs ordering!

New industry, new jargon

My first three months at Radix have been a learning curve. After having learnt the terminology and ways of one niche industry I now need to forget it all and learn the jargon of a brand new industry. But at least I no longer have to fight for marketing to be included within the business plan. Here at Radix Communications we live and breathe marketing: the copywriting side of it, of course – but then as I have learnt over the past three months, where would marketers be without copywriters?

Account managers are important

Find out more here about how our account managers can help you. Need to talk about booking a project with us? Get in touch today.

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