A UCP graduate’s first impressions of working at Radix

Business graduate Steve George talks about his experiences as a graduate intern here at Radix.

A UCP graduate's first impressions of working at Radix

Hello there! My name is Steve George, I am a business graduate currently completing a short work placement with Radix.

I am part of the Graduate Gateway project run by a great organisation called Unlocking Cornish Potential. UCP exist purely to connect recent graduates like myself with employers in Cornwall based upon their individual needs and the graduate’s skill set and ambitions.

I first heard about Radix in one of my initial meetings at UCP, where the company was recommended to me as a potential future placement location based upon my interests in marketing, writing and technology. The company instantly sounded like an excellent fit, so when they offered me a placement I was thrilled.

I had some idea of what to expect when I arrived for my first day here, based upon a previous chat I’d had with Matt and Fiona. They seemed very friendly and I had carefully read the brief that detailed my first week’s work, so I went in feeling relaxed and prepared. I was unsure of how much other people in the office would engage with me, but on reflection I think it would be impossible for anyone to feel like an outsider after spending more than five minutes at Radix. The team are all very warm and friendly and they made me feel welcome instantly. There is a strong culture of teamwork in the office, and everybody made me feel like a valued member of the team right from the beginning of my project.

I could tell very quickly that this experience would be unlike anything I had done before, in some really exciting, positive ways. The Radix office is extremely different to places where I have worked previously. Codes and conventions of traditional offices seem to have been done away with in favour of a modern, calm environment that enables and facilitates creativity. Everyone is in constant communication with one another, sharing ideas and collaborating to produce great results.

I got a strange feeling that I had never experienced in any previous workplace, which was that I got the impression that every person here truly loves their job. The atmosphere and energy is infectious, I was inspired by what was going on around me and was more than willing to get straight to work. This was all extremely valuable to me, the short term nature of my placement means that getting to work as soon as possible was essential if I wanted to be able to demonstrate positive, meaningful results during my time here.

The work that I have been doing so far has been very relevant to what I would like to pursue as a career. I am very fortunate to have already been given the chance to work to real deadlines that influence real projects.  I am extremely thankful that I have been given the opportunity to get such high value experience at this point in my life. However, with that said, my time so far at Radix has benefited me in ways that go far beyond just gaining some hands on industry experience.

Being a graduate is a strange turning point in life, you feel like you are being violently ejected from the fun and shenanigans of being a student, straight into the monochromatic, greyscale world of work. My time at Radix has convinced me that not all 9 to 5 jobs have to be this way, and that once a person finds a career path that is right for them, they can be truly happy every day.  I don’t know if I will ever be happy at 7 am, but I am now feeling pretty convinced that in the right job, I could crack a smile before 9.

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