We’re holding out for a hero. Is it you? (Account manager wanted)

We've taken on so many brilliant new copywriting clients that we need a new account manager to help us look after them all...

*Note: This deadline has now passed, but we’re always keen to hear from talented B2B copywriters and account managers. You’ll find more details on our careers page.

Account managers. They’re the unsung heroes behind every successful copywriting project – delighting clients, organising projects, and herding layabout writers with an electric cattle prod to ensure every piece is delivered on time, on budget, to brilliantly high standards.

It’s not a job for the faint-hearted. You need to be able to manage multiple deadlines, handle clients in all sorts of time zones, and massage the writing diaries to get the work done. You need to work out when the customer is right, and when pushing back would actually get them a better result. You need to spot when a writer needs extra support, and when they’re just hungry. And you need to keep your sense of humour when you’re doing it.

If that sounds like something you could do, we’re hiring.

We’ve taken on so many great new clients that we need someone equally great to help us look after them all. So if you fancy working miracles from a waterside office in Penryn, Cornwall, drop Unlocking Potential a line before 25th November.

The person we’re looking for

We write marketing content for B2B technology brands, and their agencies. So some knowledge of business, marketing, writing and technology would be an advantage.

But really, it’s more important that you’re ridiculously organised, have client-facing experience in a fast-paced agency environment, and can deliver outstanding service under pressure.

What it’s like to work here

We won silver in Employer of the Year at the Cornwall Business Awards 2018, so that’s a decent start.

We have a lovely team, a smart office, and the kind of international client base that you don’t see every day (certainly not in Cornwall, anyway). That means there are opportunities for travel (though it can also mean getting up early).

We get 25 days’ holiday (in addition to the Christmas break), a profit share scheme, the chance to work flexibly and remotely, plenty of training… even a paid sabbatical when we’ve worked here long enough. And although we’re fairly small (you’d be our 17th team member), we have a welfare committee to bring our team together, find ways to support the community, and generally make sure everybody’s OK.

Because basically, how can you make our clients happy if you’re not happy yourself?

Here’s a nice video, showing our office and some of our team. (See? We’re all smiling…)



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David served as our Creative Director for almost eight years, before establishing a standalone practice focusing on B2B creativity and copywriting training and guidance. We continue to work closely together, with David supporting our clients as an associate as and when needed.

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