Podcast: Do you need jargon in effective B2B marketing copy?

Does jargon ever have a place in B2B marketing copy? Listen to Good Copy, Bad Copy: The B2B Copywriting Podcast, to find out how to get jargon right.

How to be a better B2B writer, in 50 copywriting tips

Is this the definitive guide to B2B copywriting? We couldn’t possibly comment. But we can promise you 50 practical writing tips in a single blog post…

Podcast: Writing lead nurture emails people want to open

What can B2B copywriters do to improve the chances that lead nurture emails will generate opens and click throughs? Find out in this podcast episode.

B2B blogging keeps changing – so how do you write a good post?

Blogs are the second most used content tactic by B2B marketers. Find out how to write B2B blogs that people will want to read and engage with.

#b2bcopychat 4 April: What’s new in B2B blogging?

Blogs for brands have changed in the past five years. But what’s different? What’s working? Join us for #b2bcopychat to discuss B2B blogging.

Podcast: Time to give B2B web copy the attention it deserves

Web copy is something all B2B brands need, but often it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Here’s how to make the most of the words on your site.

#b2bcopychat 7 March: B2B copywriters and the marketing funnel

What is the B2B marketing funnel? How does it fit in with B2B copywriting? Join us for #b2bcopychat and learn about the funnel, end-to-end.

New LinkedIn: 7 things B2B marketers need to know before sharing content

Some of your LinkedIn contacts will already be using the new-look LinkedIn – changing the way they see your content. Emily shares best practice and character limits to make sure your posts look right.

#b2bcopychat 7 Feb: Mastering white papers and ebooks

How do you write ebooks people want to share, and white papers that’ll get a product shortlisted? Join us for #b2bcopychat to find out the differences between the formats and how to write for each.

#b2bcopychat 10 January: B2B vs B2C copywriting

Is B2B copywriting really the less cool cousin of B2C – and how do you write for them? Join us at the next #b2bcopychat to find out if the stereotype still holds true.

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