Have your say: take part in the #b2bcopychat questionnaire

Should #b2bcopychat shift to a new time slot? Whether you’re one of the regulars, or a copy chat novice, this poll is for you.

Five easy ways to improve your B2B copywriting

Newish to B2B copywriting – or fancy a quick technique tune-up? Here are five easy tips to give your copy a boost; maximum impact, minimal fuss.

Podcast: What does the 2017 B2B Content Marketing trends report mean for copywriters?

Change is afoot in B2B content marketing. We take a look at new research from MarketingProfs and the CMI, to find out what could be heading your way in 2017.

#b2bcopychat 1 November: Copywriters and marketers’ objectives

Marketing objectives should underpin all of our copy, but how much do you understand what your clients are aiming for? Join us to discuss marketing objectives.

Join us for our Macmillan Coffee Morning 30 September

It’s time to get your cake on. Join us for coffee and cake, and to raise money for a good cause.

#b2bcopychat 4 October: Writing better B2B case studies

Case studies never go out of fashion with B2B marketers. But could they be done better? Join us to discuss writing for B2B case studies.

Podcast: How I made content marketing work for our small B2B business

Content marketing may seem out of reach for small businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how to make content marketing work for your small business.

Lessons in B2B content marketing from the world’s greatest scavenger hunt

What can an annual international scavenger hunt teach B2B marketers about content planning, creativity and communication? Welcome to GISHWHES.

#b2bcopychat 6 September: Writing for the spoken word

Video is being touted as the next big thing in B2B marketing, but how do you write effectively for the spoken word? Join us to discuss writing for audio-dependent content.

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