The B2B Content Audio Blog #11: how to run a successful editorial board

Hear how an editorial board can transform your content marketing (and grab five top tips for running one successfully).

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Editorial boards are a great way for marketers to continually produce original, engaging ideas and deliver on a successful content marketing strategy. But, getting people together is just the first step.

For your editorial board to truly work its magic you need to follow some best practices, and this 8-minute audio blog will tell you what they are.

Tune in now to learn:

  • What and editorial board is – and why you should run one
  • 5 essential steps for editorial board success
  • How to structure your meetings for the best results

“Looks like we got ourselves a reader…”

If you’d rather read than listen, here’s Emily’s original blog post: Editorial boards in B2B content marketing: a beginners’ guide.

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