#b2bcopychat 7 March: B2B copywriters and the marketing funnel

What is the B2B marketing funnel? How does it fit in with B2B copywriting? Join us for #b2bcopychat and learn about the funnel, end-to-end.

#b2bcopychat is heading to Twitter on Tuesday 7 March 2017, from 1-2pm GMT

The marketing funnel plays a large part in the execution of B2B marketing campaigns.

But what does a visual metaphor based on a device normally used to transfer liquids have to do with B2B copywriting?

What in fact is a marketing funnel? And why would we even want to talk about it?

We’re talking about marketing funnels after Imogen Hitchcock suggested she’d like to know more during our last #b2bcopychat:

We’ve mentioned the funnel a lot in #b2bcopychat since we first started (here at Radix we even made an entire board game about it), but we’ve never examined the concept in detail – or what it means for a B2B copywriter.

As prospects move towards a buying decision, how do their needs change… and do we potentially need different kinds of writer to cope?

So join us for #b2bcopyhcat on Twitter from 1-2pm on Tuesday 7 March as we discuss:

  • The different stages of the marketing funnel
  • How different kinds of content fit at different funnel stages
  • Whether the funnel directly affects copy
  • Do different writers perform better at different stages of the funnel?
  • … and more

How #b2bcopychat works

During the hour, we’ll ask questions around the marketing funnel and how it works in B2B marketing. We’ll retweet our favourite responses.

And if you’re not sure you have anything to contribute on this topic, but would still like to hang out with other B2B writers for an hour?

Well, that’s fine too! Here are three more reasons to join @radixcom for #b2bcopychat on Tuesday 7 March 2017:

  • Talk about your copywriting best practices, experiences and problems
  • Network with other B2B copywriters
  • Find out about new writing techniques, formats and tools

We’ll make a Storify of responses available after the Twitter chat that looks a lot like this:

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