Calling aspiring copywriters: we’re looking for two new interns

The Radix Summer Internship is back! After a successful launch last year, we’re once again looking for two writers who are eager to get experience in B2B copywriting.

Radix Communications

*Note: This deadline has now passed, but we’re always keen to hear from talented interns. You’ll find more details on our careers page.

We’ve all been there. Sending off job applications every day, keeping our fingers crossed someone will take a chance on us. And too often comes the reply: “You’ve not quite got the experience we’re looking for.”

It’s a trap. How are you meant to get the experience you need if no employer is willing to give you a start?

That’s why we launched our internship programme last year – to help kickstart writers’ careers and give them an opportunity to gain some experience in B2B copywriting. And it went so well, we’re running it again.

Having been one of those interns myself – I’m now a full-time copywriter at Radix – I’d like to explain what the internship is all about, reveal how you can apply, and share some tips for securing yourself an interview.

About the internship

The Radix internship is a four-week programme that aims to give you some valuable experience as a B2B copywriter. (It pays the living wage, too.)

Reporting to the Head of Copy Team, you’ll join our eleven writers as a key part of the writing team. You’ll be working closely with Senior Copywriters to produce great copy, in the form of social media posts, marketing emails, landing pages, newsletters, and short blog posts.

And with an itinerary full of one-to-one training sessions, weekly marketing meetings, and meetings with your mentor, you’ll gain useful advice on how to improve your writing.

By the end of the internship, you’ll finish with a diverse portfolio of B2B copy that includes both client work and internal materials. More importantly, you’ll have that rare and valuable asset: first-hand experience as a B2B copywriter.

Sound like your kind of thing? Here are my top four tips for creating your application…

1. Show off your writing!

We’re not looking for a professional writer – we just want someone with a good writing portfolio. Tell us about any writing experience you’ve had before, no matter how distant it is from B2B technology.

Whether you write for a website in your spare time, run your own blog, write for the university newspaper, or even just write creatively for fun – we want to hear about it.

Our team’s writing experience includes music journalism, video-game reviews, fictional blogs, and even song-writing, so don’t be afraid to show us what you’ve got.

2. Do your research

You’d be surprised how many people apply for a copywriting job without knowing what a copywriter does. Or even how to spell it.

Make sure you’ve done your research. Get a good grasp of the industry we write for (psst… it’s B2B technology), take a look at the clients we’ve worked with, and read some of the work we’ve produced.

And to help you even further, we’ve got a tonne of blog posts that give you a good idea of what we’re looking for in a B2B copywriter.

3. Tell us a bit about you

We may be a copywriting agency, but we’re not all about writing.

We’re looking for a strong team player, someone with a can-do attitude, and a flexible approach to the working day. Our day-to-day brings us all kinds of unusual writing projects, so we want to know you’ll be able to face whatever comes through the door.

Tell us about what you’ve done before, any societies you’ve run, any professional experience you’ve had before, or even what you like to do in your spare time.

4. Show, don’t tell

There’s a tip we follow every day in B2B copywriting – “Don’t tell me you’re funny, tell me a joke”.

Don’t worry, we’re not looking for any jokes in your cover letter. We mean you need to show us what you’re good at and what you know, don’t just tell us.

We don’t want to hear that you’re passionate about writing and technology, we want you to show us you are. Use examples – prove it to us.

Time to apply!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be our new intern? Head over to the Unlocking Potential page and send us your application.

Once we’ve received all the applications, we’ll give you an email if you’re successful, and invite you to visit us for an interview and short written exercise.

We’ve provided all the essential details below. We look forward to hearing from you – and maybe I’ll be sharing an office with you this summer.

Closing date for applications: 14th June

Interviews and written exercise: 25th – 27th June

Internships run for four weeks from: 15th July and 12th August

When you’ll work: Monday-Friday, 9:00 – 17:30

How much you’ll earn: Independently recommended living wage (£9.00/hour)

If you have more questions (and I imagine you might), please feel free to get in touch.

Please note: This position has now been filled.

Ben C

Ben was our first recruit through the Radix internship programme, impressing us so much we couldn’t let him go. He’s now one of our most flexible writers, delivering sharp and effective B2B content and demand gen copy on topics including AI, analytics delivery, digital platforms, and many more.

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