#b2bcopychat 10 January: B2B vs B2C copywriting

Is B2B copywriting really the less cool cousin of B2C – and how do you write for them? Join us at the next #b2bcopychat to find out if the stereotype still holds true.

New time for #b2bcopychat:

#b2bcopychat is heading to Twitter on Tuesday 10 January 2017, from 1-2pm GMT

Historically, business-to-business copywriting has often been unflatteringly stereotyped in comparison to its confident, business-to-consumer sibling. Even now, B2B is often viewed as unsexy, boring, and (whisper it quietly) easier than B2C.

The result? Copywriting’s oldest grudge. And occasionally, it bubbles over:

The potty-mouthed comment pic in that Tweet? That’s from our very own creative director, David McGuire, and was attached to a LinkedIn post last year. (He’s very sorry.) But the original article, while from 2013, is pretty typical of disparaging attitudes towards B2B copywriting that still exist today.

But does B2B copywriting still deserve this reputation? Did it ever?

Are business copywriting and consumer copywriting so very different anyway?

Are there even some things that B2C could in fact learn from B2B copywriting? (George thinks B2C tech marketing certainly can.)

Join us for #b2bcopychat on Twitter from 1-2pm on Tuesday 10th January [NOTE: it’s a NEW TIME!] as we discuss:

  • The real differences between B2B and B2C copywriting
  • What can B2B and B2C learn from each other?
  • Why does B2B marketing have the reputation it does?
  • Is it hard to be creative in B2B?
  • … and more

The format

During the hour, we’ll ask questions around business-to-business and business-to-consumer copywriting, for everyone to discuss. We’ll retweet the best responses.

What if you’re not sure you have anything to contribute on this topic, but would still like to hang out with other B2B writers for an hour?

Well, that’s fine too! Here are three more reasons to join @radixcom for #b2bcopychat on Tuesday 10th January 2017:

  • Talk about your copywriting best practices, experiences and problems
  • Network with other B2B copywriters
  • Find out about new writing techniques, formats and tools

We’ll make a Storify of responses available after the Twitter chat that looks a lot like this:

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