Can one B2B writer be good at writing all types of content?

Is it possible for a business-to-business copywriter to be capable of writing absolutely any type of B2B content? It’s a tall order for any copywriter, and not necessarily what’s best for your content.

How copywriters can write for so many different formats.

Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs have found that for 78% of North American B2B content marketers – high-quality content is what has led to their content marketing success over the past year.

But how did they get such high-quality content in the first place?

Many will have outsourced their content creation to external creators, like writers.

But surely any type of copywriter will do?

No lone B2B copywriter could write every type of content that’s available to B2B marketers. It’s just not possible. Every writer has a sweet spot.

It’s the same reason why novel writers and scriptwriters rarely make the transition between formats.

You’ll get writers who will specialise in various content types, but not everything. Some who are great at producing white papers, data sheets and case studies. Others who are good at writing blog posts, SlideShares and video scripts. And some are better at ad writing, landing pages and lead nurture emails.

We’ve explained before that most copywriters can be segmented into seven types. Those seven types are suited to different kinds of content, and to different stages of the funnel.

Okay, but should copywriters be able to write about any subject?

Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, points out that “generalist copywriters” often lack the knowledge necessary to write in-depth content about specific industries:

“To write great content, you have to know your stuff forward, backward, inside out, and upside down.”

Effective copy is written by writers who have knowledge of the industries and customers your product is serving. And good B2B writers will have the skills necessary to become an  overnight expert on almost any enterprise technology, audience or brand.

Writing ability is important too, right?

How well a content writer can write is vital, but I’m talking more than defining good copy by things such as proper grammar. That’s not a useful metric for finding out if a piece of copy is any good.

Great B2B copywriters will be able to write so well that their content easily meets all of the requirements asked for in this hierarchy of B2B copywriting competencies:

Click image for a larger version.

A great B2B copywriter produces copy that:

  • Stands out from the copy published by everyone else
  • Shows a deep understanding of its audience
  • Reads like it was written by a subject expert
  • Flows in a logical and coherent way
  • Has no outright writing errors

And a great B2B copywriter:

  • Knows when to ask you the “big dumb questions” to ensure the copy is what you need
  • Understands how to balance your business’s content needs with your customers’ needs
  • Gets how to borrow good copy ideas and make them a million times better

But even the greatest B2B copywriter will struggle to write successfully for any type of content.

Those who will take your marketing far, will always have a format niche.

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