#b2bcopychat 7 Feb: Mastering white papers and ebooks

How do you write ebooks people want to share, and white papers that’ll get a product shortlisted? Join us for #b2bcopychat to find out the differences between the formats and how to write for each.

#b2bcopychat is heading to Twitter on Tuesday 7 February 2017, from 1-2pm GMT

Whenever we talk about ebooks and white papers in #b2bcopychat, there’s always a lively debate:

So in February, we’ll be hosting a #b2bcopychat dedicated to the two content formats.

White papers are a cornerstone of B2B marketing content. Ebooks surfaced in the Web 2.0 era with the rise of content marketing.

They serve different parts of the marketing funnel, but sometimes people think they’re essentially the same thing.

*Stage whisper:* They’re not.

Join us for #b2bcopychat on Twitter from 1-2pm on Tuesday 7 February [NOTE: it’s a NEW TIME!] as we discuss:

  • The most important features of ebooks and white papers
  • Do ebooks still have a role to play in the funnel?
  • How do you write white papers and ebooks that work?
  • Is there anything white papers could do differently?
  • … and more

How #b2bcopychat works

During the hour, we’ll ask questions around writing white papers and ebooks, for everyone to discuss. We’ll retweet the best responses.

But what if you’re not sure you have anything to contribute on this topic, but would still like to hang out with other B2B writers for an hour?

Well, that’s fine too! Here are three more reasons to join @radixcom for #b2bcopychat on Tuesday 7 February 2017:

  • Talk about your copywriting best practices, experiences and problems
  • Network with other B2B copywriters
  • Find out about new writing techniques, formats and tools

We’ll make a Storify of responses available after the Twitter chat that looks a lot like this:

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