The Best of B2B Content 2019 – it’s time to vote

It's time to vote. We've shortlisted your nominations for the best B2B content of 2019 – and we need your help deciding who wins.

Best B2B Content of 2019

After the immense response to our 2018 B2B content awards, we couldn’t wait to see how many of you would reach out to nominate your favourite content of 2019. And dang, you didn’t disappoint.

As the nominations show, it’s been a diverse year for B2B content as marketers continue to embrace and experiment with an exciting range of new content formats.

From a dating app for cows – yes, moo cows – to a creative personality quiz, there’s no shortage of originality in this year’s shortlist.  And it comes as little surprise to see two nominations for Turtl stories; they’re a fan favourite among marketers tired of the archaic PDF.

Anyway, enough from us. You nominated the following content as your favourites of 2019, and now its time for you decide the final winners. Get stuck in…

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ABC Story Labs – The Amazon Race

2D Online Game

Race game still

The Amazon Race was created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to accompany its investigation into the frankly hideous working conditions at Amazon fulfillment centers. We’re not quite sure how this is B2B content, but it was nominated by the unimpeachable Paul Hewerdine, so who are we to argue? Either way, it’s certainly fun crushing the spirit of your little Amazon operative as they strive to endure day-to-day life at Melbourne’s Amazon Fulfillment center.

Adobe – My Creative Type

Interactive Quiz

Another Paul Hewerdine nomination (does he do them alphabetically?) My Creative Type is an interactive quiz, exploring the many different types of creative personality. Based in psychology research, it assesses your basic habits and tendencies to help you better understand what makes you, the individual, a creative person. It’s a far cry from the two-dimensional personality quizzes found on social media, that’s for sure. Paul says it’s “beautiful, engaging and bang on brand”.

C4ADS – Above Us Only Stars


Infographic Cover

The Center for Advanced Defense Studies takes us on an eye-opening journey in this exposé of GPS spoofing in Russia and Syria. The product of a year-long investigation into a new form of electronic warfare affecting GPS-enabled devices, this multimedia report is bold, accessible and informative. Our CEO Fiona says: “This is a really visual and engaging way of presenting primary research data.”

Danfoss – Smart Store campaign

Ebook and infographic

Well, this is a little awkward, because Radix had a hand in writing some of this content. We didn’t nominate ourselves, we promise. The ebook brings together a series of technical articles, telling supermarkets how to save a shedload of carbon. Lasse Lund (who kind of is nominating himself) says: “I’m not just saying that because it’s you; the handbook is honestly my favorite piece of B2B content from this year (combined with the killer infographic it’s paired with).”

dotdigital – The Marketer’s Guide to Copywriting

Best practice guide

Nominated by B2B marketing ninja Angela Cattin of Interalia Marketing, this is a customer-centric copy and pro-writer guide for marketers. “We’re on a mission to transform multidisciplinary marketers into copy eggheads” says the blurb, and Angela says they’re “easily digestible, visually engaging and practical”. More content like this, please!

Hectare Agritech – Tudder

Dating App for Cows

OK, so bear with us. Octopus Group (thanks for the nomination, Giles) were asked by Hectare Agritech to help them raise awareness of the opportunities for farms to trade livestock online, and more specifically, their SellMyLivestock platform. They did this by creating by creating a mobile dating app for cows, and yes, it’s as daft as it sounds. But did it work? Yes. Yes, it did.

Korn Ferry – The Talent Shift

Report / Survey

This report, by Man Bites Dog for Korn Ferry, delves into the predicted 2030 talent crunch as demand for skilled workers begins to outstrip supply. It also takes readers through the views of 1,550 business leaders as they share their thoughts on future talent availability.

Linode – The Linode cloud platform, infrastructure for innovation

Product page

Product pages are content too… and this is a damned good one. It tells you what Linode’s platform is, why developers use it, and how you can use it too. It’s smart, simple and gets straight to the point. Nominator André Spiteri felt the same: “I really like this one – it’s so clear and simple.”

MarketingProfs – The 2019 Marketer Happiness Report

Research survey

A “one-of-a-kind” research report assessing the overall satisfaction of today’s marketer. As its nominator (no less than Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, mind you) says, it “looks into what makes marketers tick, and what some of the happiest and most successful marketers are doing to stay at the top of their game”. Feeling down on your marketing? Might be worth giving this a look.

Microsoft – Work x Life


Work x Life is an ongoing Microsoft campaign positioned towards millennial workers in need of collaboration software and hardware for “the new culture of work”. Leading the campaign is the above video which contains all the usual millennial marketing tropes… but done really well. The life-sized-life flat idea has that big, simple idea thing that’s kind of cool.

NTT – The Business of Sport

Turtl story

This Turtl piece takes us on a ride through the history of the Tour de France, from its inception to today and beyond. Expect to get lost in its many branching stories, including how the sporting institution now uses data to innovate in service delivery, security, and more. This won “Best Content” at Turtl’s own annual awards, and Karla Rivershaw says: “This is a great door-opener with NTT’s clients; a way of starting conversations about business transformation enabled by technology.”

ROCKWOOL – 7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

Test series

Marketing agency True were asked by ROCKWOOL to bring their ‘7 Strengths of Stone’ positioning to life through a series of playful videos that “drive awareness, brand affinity and engagement”. Just like the stone product itself, this is a campaign you need to see to believe.

Sophos – Sophos 2020 Threat Report

Detailed report

What did the nominator like most about this super dense 2020 threat report by Sophos? “The really detailed cloud breach scenario on page 21”. And from a cursory glance, we’d have to agree.

The Marketing Practice – What Does Your Family Think You Do for a Living?

Interactive Quiz

What B2B Marketers Do

Relatable to almost anybody who’s worked in marketing, this delightful quiz will help you feel a little less alone. As our David says, “it speaks to the reality of B2B marketing in a fresh and funny way, plus it helps build rapport – because hey look, we all have the same problem.”

Turtl – Kill the PDF

Turtl story and live protest

Remember that time Turtl joined us to discuss the #KillthePDF campaign on our podcast? *wink* Well, let’s see what the ever brilliant Maureen Blandford thinks. “I LOVED Turtl’s protest at an event where they had #KillThePDF signs and then splashed them online. Seriously brilliant.”

Wait, What?, in partnership with Quartz – Should This Exist?

Podcast series

Should This Exist? Is a technology podcast hosted by Caterina Fake (founder of Flickr and Partner at Yes VC) in which she interviews creators of “radical new technologies” to welcome listeners into the minds of “today’s edgiest entrepreneurs”. Recent topics of discussion include lab grown meat, voice modulation, and the return of supersonic flight.

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Thanks to everyone who took part. We’ll reveal the results in the December edition of Good Copy, Bad Copy: The B2B Copywriting Podcast.

Thanks to everyone who nominated, and good luck to the finalists!

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