Blogs in, infographics out: 6 big content marketing trends we saw in 2015

We analyse data from 727 client copywriting projects to spot the big B2B tech content marketing trends from 2015.

Blogs in, infographics out: 6 big content marketing trends we saw in 2015

If you’re a B2B copywriter, what made 2015 stand out for you?

Was it business as usual, or did you see your clients – or employer – branching out into new formats, channels, styles of writing?

At Radix we wrote for more than 50 B2B tech brands last year, producing over 700 individual pieces of content, plus tons and tons (OK, we didn’t actually count them) of email campaigns.

That volume of work gives us a pretty good insight into the way our clients’ approach to content marketing – and marketing in general – is changing.

For the fourth year running, we worked with operations director Sophie to extract our 2015 data from our project management system (the marvellous Proworkflow), to see what changed over previous years.

Blogs, video, infographics, white papers, social, and ebooks: six big trends from 2015

To us, the results showed six clear trends – from a huge surge in client blogging, to a bit of a renaissance for the white paper.

Some of the trends we saw match up with what the industry says it’s doing (at least, what B2B marketers told the Content Marketing Institute they’re doing), and some really don’t.

Is B2B video really taking off, as the pundits would have you believe? Our experience suggests that tech companies still don’t do that much of it.

And are marketers still sold on infographics, or have they had their day?

Emily and Dave have combined forces to create a fantastic Slideshare that compares the top trends we saw with the top trends the B2B content marketing industry is seeing.

Have a browse and see if your experience tallies more with ours, or the industry’s.

We’d love to know what trends you saw in your client projects in 2015. If anything stood out for you, let us know in the comments, or tweet us @radixcom.

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