The Radix guide to interviewing subject matter experts

Great B2B marketing content starts with interviewing a subject matter expert. Here are our tips for mastering this crucial content creation skill.

The Radix guide to interviewing subject matter experts

Great content – the truly meaty pieces that really offer value on a topic – almost always starts with an interview.

Particularly in niche B2B industries (much like the one we work in as enterprise technology copywriters), your entire job as a content creator is to distil the knowledge of a subject matter expert into an engaging piece of content.

If you ask the right questions in the interview, this comes easily. But if you miss the opportunities and let language barriers, poor communication or technical hitches get in the way, then your content – and your marketing results – will suffer.

The marketer’s guide to interviews

Between our elite team of copywriters, we’ve conducted thousands of interviews on a variety of obscure and arcane topics; from GPS hacking and security, to storage deduplication and network virtualisation.

Along the way, we learned a lot of lessons on how to conduct interviews, which questions to ask, and what to do if things don’t go according to plan. And we wrote them all down in a secret handbook, to help get our new hires up to speed.

Now, we pass on this knowledge to you.

Download our free guide to help develop you and your team’s interviewing skills. You’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for an interview
  • 17 tips to help interviews run smoothly
  • How to overcome 9 common interview obstacles
  • Useful questions to ask in any interview

Ready to rock your interviews?

If you’re ready to get more value from your next interview, click here to download your free best practice guide or view the SlideShare below.


George’s analytical mind helps him quickly tackle the nuts and bolts of our clients’ technologies, and articulate even the most complex subjects in a clear, concise, and carefully targeted way. With more than 10 years’ experience writing for a huge range of B2B technology clients, he’s one of our most versatile copywriters.

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