Tectrade: technology case study

Writing a case study is always better when we can use the customer’s own words. Here’s how Kieran helped Tectrade put a happy client in the spotlight.

BOOKED BY: Tectrade
TARGET AUDIENCE: IT Infrastructure Managers

Kieran says:

Writing a case study is something like officiating at a marriage.

It’s your job to understand the relationship in front of you, while gently guiding proceedings, and striving to show everybody in the best possible light – a job that’s much easier when there’s genuine love on both sides.

This was certainly true in the case of data solution experts Tectrade, and their client, the international law firm Trowers & Hamlins.

For a copywriter, one of the joys of writing a case study is the chance to talk – actually talk – to the people we’re trying to reach every day. The people who research, buy and use what our own clients make and sell.

At Trowers, this meant IT Manager Bob Greenwood. Bob was an interviewer’s dream. He was able to convey the benefits of Tectrade’s work in authentic, delightfully transparent terms. Witness…

“We’ve not seen a single spinney drive fail since we’ve put the new stuff in there. And that saves us going down to the computer room or business continuity suite to change any disk drives or power supplies.”

Simply put? This is one partnership it was a joy to celebrate. You can read the full sermon here.

tectrade case study

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