Workbrands: “Waterpark” Visual Article

An engaging visual article challenging one of our industry’s most iconic metaphors – and offering up an exciting new alternative.

BOOKED BY: Workbrands
ASSETS WRITTEN: Visual article
TARGET AUDIENCE: The marketing community at large

Steve says:

I love a big idea. But what I love more is a client that’s willing to grab hold of a big idea with both hands and run with it. That’s exactly what happened when we first talked to Workbrands (now called Shaped By).

They’d come up with a great new visual article format that was unlike anything we’d seen before. All that was missing was an exciting concept, worthy of the new format.

We put our heads together, and decided that the funnel—one of the most aged and beloved marketing metaphors—was long overdue for a makeover.

In reality, today’s marketing “funnel” looks more like a waterpark, with a whole range of flumes, pools, and other attractions to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of visitors.

At first, the metaphor felt like a bit of a stretch. But after having a good hard think, I was able to come up with a staggering number of parallels with a modern customer journey that could easily be translated into design.

With the article copy drafted, the Workbrands design team worked their magic, leaving us with a piece that’s as visually appealing as it is conceptually brave. It challenges convention in both its appearance and its content. It does something different, and it does it very well – even if I do say so myself!

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