TomTom Telematics: “Better Together” email and web copy

When MOIGlobal asked us to write web and email copy to wrap around their brilliant Better Together video for TomTom, we had to get right to the point.

BOOKED BY: MOI Global, for TomTom
ASSETS WRITTEN: Email and landing page
TARGET AUDIENCE: Small business managers, UK

David says:

I’ve always loved campaigns that find a memorable way to make one point, clearly – so I got a real kick out of writing the web and email copy to underpin MOIGlobal’s adorable video for TomTom.

TomTom WEBFLEET lets small business owners and managers ride with their drivers while they’re still running the business. And the video shows them one way to do that.

The idea’s simple, but it’s put together with real class: not too long, not at all preachy, and the payoff – when it arrives – is actually funny (no mean feat, especially in B2B). But then, because there’s no voiceover, my words really had to unpack the story. Fast.

Striking exactly the right note while delivering all that information in a tight character limit was a real challenge – but hey, it’s no fun if it’s too easy.

TomTom Telematics: “Better Together” email and web copy

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