VoxGen: IVR website copywriting

When VoxGen revamped its website, our challenge was to reflect their fresh, conversational approach to software design in the site copy. We’re really pleased with the result.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Heads of contact centre and customer experience, UK and US

Fiona says:

It’s always great to work with bold, ambitious clients who aren’t afraid to do something different. VoxGen is on a mission to rid the world of bad Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software; those robotic automated phone menus that almost everyone hates.

When VoxGen’s CEO and marketing director asked Radix to write the copy for the company’s new website, I knew the VoxGen difference had to shine through. They’re all about designing and developing customer-friendly IVRs that feel like a helpful conversation. So I took a conversational tone with the copy, avoiding the industry jargon that VoxGen’s competitors tend to fall back on.

When VoxGen designs IVRs, they start by researching what callers need, and design the application around that. We took the same approach with the website: VoxGen anticipated prospective buyers’ challenges and questions, and I wrote targeted, helpful copy to answer each one.

VoxGen CEO Kerry Robinson commented:

“I can’t tell you how great it feels to have someone capture our message so clearly and succinctly in a way that truly, none of us inside VoxGen could achieve. Well done.”

It was really rewarding to see the new site go live, with Struto’s elegant, stripped-down design complementing the clear, conversational and informative copy. Even more rewarding is the fact that after just five months, the new site was generating 25% more inbound traffic than the old one.

VoxGen: IVR website copywriting

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