IRM: EU GDPR and Third Party Management guides

Writing a guide to help companies understand the changing data retention, management and contracting regulations arriving with EU GDPR—specifically those relating to how third parties manage your data.

TARGET AUDIENCE: CIOs, business leaders, senior IT staff with responsibilities for data protection

Steve says:

Any job where I learn about an important trend or challenge being faced by the kinds of people I frequently write for is a good one. Before taking on this project for IRM, I was aware of EU GDPR, but I didn’t fully understand how serious and far-reaching its implications are.

The guys from IRM explained everything to me in a way that immediately made sense. With their insight, I didn’t just understand why companies needed to start taking action to prepare themselves for EU GDPR, I also built up a really clear picture of how they could do it.

Whenever you write about preparing for a coming change, it’s very easy to get bogged down in the theoretical. Because the situations you’re discussing haven’t actually happened yet, there’s a danger you’ll start talking at length about hypothetical situations that your audience may or may not find themselves in.

Sometimes that’s a necessary evil – but it rarely makes for compelling reading.

But with this project, that wasn’t the case. The changes coming with EU GDPR are a response to the data management and retention challenges that companies are already facing today, so we had a wealth of real-world examples to call on that really brought the piece to life.

All in all, it was a great project for everyone involved. I learned a lot, the guys at IRM got two strong pieces of content and their customers got some really useful guides, filled with practical advice and relatable examples.

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