Lola Tech launch event blog writing

Lola Tech, an exciting software dev, wanted its official launch event and unique culture commemorated in a kick-ass blog post.

BOOKED BY: Lola Tech
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior IT decision-makers and heads of development

George says:

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a business burst on to the tech scene in style. That’s what Lola Tech did. Hosting a crazy launch party in a hidden bar in London, the software developer showed the travel industry its exciting new ideas, and – because they wanted to capture the event in writing – they brought us along for the ride.

Lola has a lot of things going for it: innovative processes, a talented and enthusiastic team of devs, and a compelling tone of voice. When Lola’s marketing guru invited me to attend the brand’s secret launch party, I knew these qualities would be centre stage—and that it would be my job to get them all down on paper.

After attending the event and interviewing the Lola team (and the esteemed industry peers that joined them), I wrote up a blog that tried to capture not just the factual event, but the spirit of the occasion and the passion driving the Lola team.

But attending the launch has brought benefits beyond the blog post itself. It has also helped me make the content I’ve written for Lola since more engaging – and get to the heart of what Lola Tech is all about: helping customers with the latest and greatest development principles.

The event also bagged me a 3D-printed figurine of myself, that currently sits on my desk. Yes, it was a weird and wonderful evening.

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