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CACI Ltd’s Marc Radley is an expert in using technology to improve public services for children and young people. He has some strong opinions, and this series of blog posts helped to make them clear.

ASSETS WRITTEN: Thought leadership blog posts
TARGET AUDIENCE: Public sector child services leaders

David says:

As a B2B copywriter, there are two kinds of job that really make my day.

One is the privilege of helping a genuine thought leader to organise and express their ideas. The other brings the rare chance to actually do some good in the world.

This series of thought leadership blog posts was both.

CACI strategic director Marc Radley is a big character, with strong views. As a social-worker-turned-tech-expert, he has big ideas about the how the UK’s public services can do more to protect children and young people.

It’s easy for a tech vendor to say “it’s not about the technology; it’s about transforming young lives” – but with Marc, you get the sense he really means it.

In conversation, he brings a barrage of thoughts, predictions, practical examples, ideas and sudden, interesting tangents – perfect materials for sculpting a high-value blog.

What he doesn’t have is the time to write these up. (I also suspect he might lack the distance he’d need to dispassionately edit himself, choose the most important parts, and impose a clear, compelling structure that his readers can easily follow.)

That’s where I come in.

Marc has an idea for a blog post, and we explore the idea together – sometimes with me asking questions to clarify, more usually hanging onto his conversational coat-tails while taking frantic notes. Then I keep the best 10%, and turn it into a blog post.

Together, we’ve written about things like using enriched data to protect vulnerable children, challenging the status quo on youth justice, and urging public sector leaders to use systems modelling to prevent harm.

Each time, we’re helping leaders to build a case for much-needed change – for earlier intervention, and empowering professionals to step in and help families proactively. It involves a lot of partnership working, and taking a long-term view. And it really, really works.

My challenge was to do that in a way that is easy to follow, without losing sign of Marc’s passion, expertise, or lively magpie mind… all in a voice that’s authentically his.

I’m proud of the result – on a professional level, and a personal one too.

You’ll find more about our approach to B2B blog writing, here.

Thought leadership blog posts

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