Penzance Dry Dock: engineering web copy

Part of an extensive investment at the oldest working Dry Dock in Europe, writing copy to match this striking new website felt like a real treat.

BOOKED BY: Isles of Scilly Steamship Group Ltd
ASSETS WRITTEN: Web copy and case studies
TARGET AUDIENCE: Maritime & engineering, UK & EU

David says:

It’s seldom I get to see my words so well-dressed as they are in the striking new site for Penzance Dry Dock. The look needed to be distinctive and modern, but still masculine and well-established, and I think the new branding has a real sense of weight. (Avoiding the ubiquitous colour blue is a masterstroke.)

I tried to reflect some of that authenticity in the brand’s voice, too – this is the oldest working dry dock in Europe, so it has real heritage – in small touches like making sure the specifications used the right, shipbuilding terms. I also wanted to speak to engineers, with case studies that were compelling and quick to scan, emphasising strengths that would make most difference to ship operators.

The Dry Dock is one of the hidden gems of Cornish engineering, and the work is part of a significant investment in new facilities. With so much of our work going all over the world, it felt like a real treat to get involved with this renaissance, at the very heart of a local community.

Penzance Dry Dock: engineering web copy

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