Five essential copywriting and content marketing podcasts

Podcasts for copywriters and content marketers are growing in popularity. Here are five different shows that Emily enjoys checking in with.

Five essential copywriting and content marketing podcasts

(This post was updated 07/12/2017 to replace a podcast that was no longer working with one that is.)

Back when we started our own podcast in 2013, there weren’t that many podcasts on content marketing or copywriting, let alone B2B marketing. Since then, podcasting has exploded as a form of content marketing.

Now? There’s been an explosion of podcast content targeted towards marketers and a few more launched for copywriters. And some of these are fine examples of content marketing in of themselves.

It’s now time to let you in on what keeps me inspired in the content trenches.

Rough Draft

Hosted by Copyblogger’s Demian Farnworth, Rough Draft is copywriting focused, offering advice and insight on a range of copy related issues. Having short episodes released four times a week may seem like a lot, but they’re like quick snippets of wisdom to help you have a productive day. This series is no longer updating.

Past episode highlights:

PNR: This Old Marketing

Launched in November 2013, by Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, This Old Marketing is a weekly podcast analysing content marketing news and past marketing campaigns. Lengthy, sure, this podcast is great for getting caught up on what’s been happening in the industry. The podcast is going on hiatus in December 2017.

Past episode highlights:

Call To Action Podcast

Produced by Unbounce’s Stephanie Saretsky, the show is now no longer updating but had some stunning interviews with copy and content leaders from inside and outside of Unbounce. Offering transcriptions for each episode, there is a lot of useful advice on landing pages and related marketing activities to be found on the show.

Past episode highlights:

Sophisticated Marketers Podcast

Hosted by Jason Miller (content and social media marketing leader for LinkedIn), this show offers a great mixture of practical and interviews for those working in B2B marketing. Advice ranges across a whole range of content and marketing issues, including presenting, storytelling. and SEO.

Past episode highlights:

  • Tom Fishburne – Founder of Marketoonist
  • How to be a better Presenter
  • Mastering B2B Global Content Marketing


Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer

Copyblogger’s own pink-haired marketer Sonia Simone is behind this now archived podcast. Delivering marketing guidance based on her experiences in marketing and copywriting, and including guest appearances every so often, Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer is a varied, podcast with episodes usually around 20 minutes long.

Past episode highlights:

Need more copywriting inspiration?

You can check out our podcast, Good Copy, Bad Copy: The B2B Copywriting Podcast here.

NOTE: There are two shows from on this list, this is not due to favouritism, but because these are good podcasts.

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