How one graduate made a huge difference at Radix

George’s recognition at Unlocking Potential’s Graduate Success Celebration Event shows just how big an impact graduates can have on businesses based in Cornwall.

2015 UP Graduate Success Celebration Event - blog

Here at Radix this week, we’re celebrating George Reith winning the category for Best Contribution to Business Improvement at the recent Graduate Success Celebration Event. The event was hosted by Unlocking Potential and celebrated the achievements of graduates who had been placed with businesses in Cornwall through Unlocking Potential.

Besting two worthy opponents from Ocean Housing and Dogbite Film Crew, George’s award was based on a quality control project that he initiated here at Radix within his first six months with us.

The problem

Prior to George’s project, we were spending far too much time on reworking copy for clients, which meant that we would have less time to sell to clients. This issue with quality control was impacting our ability to grow as a business.

The solution

George helped us develop and put in place a quality control system. This system not only enabled us to manage the writing process differently, but also gave us metrics to track the time we were spending on amending client copy.

The result

In December 2013, before we brought in George’s recommendations, we were spending 18.7% of our time on rework. By March 2015 the time spent on rework had dropped to just 6.5%.

This has had a direct impact on our business, helping us grow our turnover from £300,000 in 2013, to £400,000 in 2014 and in 2015 we are looking to surpass £500,000. We really could not have made that kind of progress without the help of George and his Unlocking Potential project.

Congratulations, George!

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