Radix Copycast episode 8 – how to get B2B tone of voice right (and how to get it wrong)

In this podcast episode we're discussing tone of voice in B2B copywriting. How do you keep it authentic and consistent?

Welcome to episode 8 of the Radix Copycast – this time we’re discussing tone of voice in B2B copywriting.

What we mean by tone of voice, and what can you do to ensure it’s authentic and consistent,  regardless of the organisation’s size and complexity?

Anyone who’s been frustrated by a flippant “Oops, we broke the internet” error message when trying to complete an important transaction knows that a single tone doesn’t work in all situations. Equally, the language used in an annual report could seem out of place in a Facebook update, so the key is to establish a range of tones that nevertheless all speak with the same brand voice.

Fiona and I are joined by David McGuire of copywriting consultancy Lungfish to discuss this issue and much more, including:

  • Is it tone of voice or tone and voice?
  • How tone needs to be adapted for different mediums
  • When translation needs to become transcreation
  • Who’s great at voice and tone, and who isn’t?
  • The importance of remembering that you’re dealing with people
  • Plus: the perils of sounding overly familiar

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Music by Industrial and Marine.

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