InTech 2017: the five sessions we don’t want to miss

InTech is by far one of this year’s B2B marketing highlights. Here’s our route through the day’s agenda.

We’re excited. Very excited. Our managing director, Fiona Campbell-Howes, and our creative director, David McGuire, are among the speakers at this year’s InTech in London. They’re speaking alongside industry behemoths from Microsoft to Sage, and MOI Global to Stein IAS.

In their session, Fiona and David will explain how Silicon Valley’s highest-valued start-ups use copywriting techniques and specific language to set themselves apart and drive phenomenal growth. If you want to become a copywriting chieftain, believe me, you’ll want to be in this session.

Enough about us though – what about the rest of the agenda? With so many great speakers, it’s difficult to choose which sessions to attend. Here’s where you’ll find us:

Will Artificial Intelligence power marketing in the “Post Modern” Era?

– Marc Keating, Director of Digital and Innovation, Stein IAS

This immediately got our attention when we first saw the agenda, as AI is clearly going to have a big impact on marketing in the next year or so: according to a recent survey, 58% of professionals are researching AI but only 12% are using AI systems.

The conversation around potential AI marketing is picking up pace, and this session promises to explain the data and technology required to support its ongoing development.

How artificial intelligence will transform B2B

– Optimizely

I know: another talk on AI, but we’re really intrigued about it this year – check out our latest thinking on where AI meets copywriting. As one of the biggest providers of customer experience software however, Optimizely are well-placed to impart their wisdom.

The range of potential applications AI offers B2C marketing are apparent. But it’s less clear how AI can be applied in B2B. This session will suggest practical ways how we can explore its potential as B2B marketers.

How to ‘hack’ marketing success by working in sales

– Louis Fernandes, Director of Demand Generation UKI and MEMA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

At Radix, we’ve always been interested in the relationship between marketing and sales. How these two entities work together has always been fraught with conflict and struggle, but why? Often, it’s because they don’t completely understand what the other does, and how they do it.

As Louis Fernandes highlights, these relationships can be completely reconstructed. And through effective collaboration, marketing and sales will naturally have a closer relationship.

How to drive global tech growth, through global marketing

– Joe Edwards, Director of Global Campaign Development, Sage

We feel it’s more important than ever to think globally when it comes to growth in tech – and it’s up to us as leaders in B2B marketing to be part of driving a global community.

Trading across borders may seem like more of a challenge in the current climate, and more hassle than it’s worth. But as Joe Edwards will explain, this shouldn’t be the case.

Joe will discuss how to manage stakeholders across borders and the principles making up excellent global campaigns. And if we know Joe, he’ll have the audience captivated.

Stealing from Unicorns: 5 copywriting tricks to borrow from Silicon Valley’s hottest start-ups

– Fiona and David, Radix Communications

There’s nothing mythical about this session. I know I said ‘enough about us’, but Fiona and David’s five copywriting tricks are really worth taking and applying to your own copy.

Find us at InTech and say hello, we don’t bite (mostly)

I love these kinds of events. Not just because of the interesting line-up of speakers but also the fascinating people you meet when you’re there. You never fail to come away with new ideas and inspiration.

I’ll be at the event, along with Fiona, David and our two Senior Account Managers Chloe and Sarah, so if you’re going, make sure to track one of us down for a chat.

Most of us are also prolific Tweeters and LinkedIn addicts, so feel free to connect with us beforehand, too.

InTech will take place on Thursday 23rd February, from 08.30 to 17.30.

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