Introducing B2B Content Tuesdays

Our new series of relaxed weekly webinars gives an opportunity to stay connected, and talk about any aspect of B2B content writing. Join us any Tuesday from 16:30 BST (11:30 EDT).

B2B Content Tuesdays

No two ways about it: this is a strange and unsettling time, and being isolated from our colleagues and friends (crucially important though that is) doesn’t make coping any easier. Sometimes, you crave a bit of contact.

So we came up with the idea of a short, informal get-together to discuss B2B content writing: 30 minutes, some tips and advice around a theme, topped off with a hearty Q&A.

We wondered if anyone would come. So we tried it, and they did.

We put on a low-key webinar with less than 24 hours’ notice, and people showed up. It was a good discussion about building a content culture among non-marketers, and there seems to be an appetite for more. So on that basis, we’ll be keep running the sessions on a weekly basis for as long as they seem helpful.

Every Tuesday, at 16.30, UK time. (Or, if you prefer, 11.30 EDT / 8.30 PDT.)

B2B Content Tuesdays: provisional schedule

The current plan is to start with a short presentation on a different theme each week, before commencing with the Q&A. (Some questions might be answered by the presenter; in other cases we might defer to experts in the audience.)

Currently, the plan for the remainder of April looks like this:

Tuesday 14th April: How to create case studies your prospects actually read
Tuesday 21st April: How to simplify complex B2B topics without dumbing down
Tuesday 28th April: Where to find compelling B2B content ideas

…though we might change things up if the group has better ideas.

Spaces are limited (otherwise the discussion might get out of hand), and we’ll allocate them on a first-registered-first-served basis.

If you fancy joining us, you can register here.

Please do send us your comments, suggestions and topic requests to And if you’d like to continue the conversation afterwards on Twitter, the hashtag #B2BTuesdays seems good.

Hope to see you there.


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