The Lungfish Cup Laser Tag 2016: Defend humanity, and raise cash for BBC Children in Need

Join us on Thursday November 17th for an epic laser battle that might just decide the fate of the planet (and raise much-needed money for disadvantaged kids).

Since 2013, businesses from across Cornwall have converged once a year to do battle with laser guns for the fabled Lungfish Cup… and raise money for BBC Children in Need. Now that Radix and Lungfish have joined forces, we’re proud to continue this fine tradition, on Thursday November 17th.

If you’d like to join us in our mission (either in person or in spirit), you can:

Register here


Contribute to the charity pot here.

Please arrive at 18.30 for team selection and briefing, at Skullduggery Laser Tag, Wilson Way, Pool, TR15 3RX. Hostilities will commence at 19:00.

Last year, our players and supporters raised an amazing £1080 for the charity, and it would be great to match that. But this year’s battle may have taken on an even greater significance.

A recent video recording was briefly interrupted by an unverified signal, claiming that victory for reigning champions TRAC Services at this year’s tournament could have disastrous consequences. This found footage now follows unedited, without comment.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

(Finally, thanks Dave Chong for charitably lending us your video making talents. You da man.)

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