My week at Radix Communications

Meg joined the Radix team for a week as part of her Year 10 work experience. We asked her to write a blog post about what it was like working alongside us.

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During my time here at Radix, I have learned new skills and improved upon my old ones. Learning these skills came from the various tasks I was set, for example I was asked to have a go at writing a Comic script for one of Radix’s major technology clients about one of their sales wins.  This helped me improve my computer skills, e.g. presentation. English skills, e.g. types of words I used, and how it all had to link together and make a comic strip at the end.


When I arrived I had a tour of the office and building, then I had an introduction to the basics of what the company does and people who work there and their jobs within the company.

Then my first task was converting a few  E-Books from PDF files to Word files, I had to do this task so that Radix could make any changes which would enhance them and make them more suited to the customer.  After that I had a Briefing on the Radix customer survey and once it was posted I had to monitor the results that had been uploaded. Overall, I enjoyed my first day a lot.


I finished my task from Monday, which was converting the E-Books; this particular task altogether took around five hours.  But once I had finished it I made a start on collecting the Radix customer survey results putting them into a PowerPoint presentation, so that the results could be used in a team meeting in a few months.


I had the best task to date. I was asked to have a go at writing a comic script for one of Radix’s major clients about one of their sales wins. For this task I had a script and final version of a previous comic that one of Radix’s team members had already completed. I also had the brief about the client selling their product.

To finally create the comic script I had to cut down blocks of text into conversational language and yet still include all the relevant factors in the brief that made the customer pick our client rather than the competition.  I found this task very interesting and challenging at the same time, but I managed to finish it in the time set.  This was my favourite task during my week at Radix. Also during the day I met members of the team which were not present on the Monday or Tuesday.


I had a briefing in the meeting room with Fiona about a client newsletter.

Then we had a visit from Andrew of Lexidoc. Andrew is a designer, who Radix has regular contact with. When Andrew arrived we brainstormed ideas about how to make the newsletter more visual, and we thought of certain types of graphics which would be viable on the online version. Over all I found this quite lengthy as I had no idea how much planning went into something such as the newsletter, but enjoyed it.


I had an introduction with Sophie who is the project manager, and raised client invoices, and finally updated the weekly productivity report.

Overall my week has been very productive. It has helped me get a taste of a working day.  My time here has been very positive, due to the uplifting office atmosphere surrounding the work place.

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