Podcast 63: writing B2B copy for international audiences

How do you write copy that maintains its flavour, even after translation? Expert Anja Jones tells all…

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Knowing the copy you are writing will be translated into another language can have a huge impact on the way you approach it.

What vocabulary can, or can’t you use? Are there cultural differences that you should consider?

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, David talks to Anja Jones of AJT Translation, to get a first-hand account of the factors that can affect a translator’s job – from figurative language to technical jargon – and what she’d like copywriters to do about it.

Recognising how translating copy can influence its underlying message, Anja explores how to use localisation and transcreation to keep your communications consistent throughout a campaign.

You’ll also hear Fiona and Radix’s head of copy team, Matt, discuss ways to ensure your copy doesn’t produce problems for translators. A few key points being:

  • Don’t compromise good copy for easy translation
  • Avoid ambiguous words with multiple meanings
  • Keep the intent of the copy clear

Finally, we induct another nominee into the Radix B2B Hall of Fame. Nick explains why he chose to blog about Air Charter Service: a company that supplies private jets to the rich and famous – not to mention some high profile world leaders too.

Thanks again to Anja for talking with us. You can find out more about AJT Translation here.

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Beth Reeves

Beth is studying English Literature  at the University of East Anglia, where she has focused on contemporary fiction and creative writing. She began writing creatively on her blog and went on to contribute to her university’s newspaper Concrete. In her spare time, she tends to be planning her next travelling adventure, or burying her nose in a book.

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