Podcast 41: What copywriters need to know about Account-Based Marketing

In a world swamped by generic content, could ABM be the solution B2B marketers need to stand out? And if it is – what does this mean for copywriters?

B2B content marketers are increasingly worried about engagement and return on investment, and their concerns are well founded.

There’s more content marketing out there now than at any other point in the history of marketing. Why, in B2B alone, 88% of brands now use content marketing.

Increasingly, B2B brands are turning to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to help them float their message across the vast sea of content that now laps at the shores of their prospects’ attention.

Three different ships – one destination

David recently talked with three ABM experts about how this very targeted approach differs from marketing approaches that tend to focus on a broad audience.

In his article, David identifies three different types of ABM:

  • Strategic ABM: a brand focuses on creating unique content for individual accounts, potentially addressing only one person via a highly personalised piece of content
  • ABM “Lite”: a core piece of content is tailored to individual organisations in a select group of accounts
  • Programmatic ABM: this is mainly driven by tech and data, personalising content based on available data on the fly and is for a broader audience than the other two approaches

But what the heck does this all mean for B2B copywriters asked to write content for ABM projects?

Boarding now

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, I talk with David and Fiona about how writing for ABM is different from writing for other content projects.

Listen now to find out:

  • How ABM can drive audience engagement
  • How to conduct research for ABM projects
  • What’s involved in writing for Strategic ABM and ABM Lite campaigns
  • Our personal experiences of writing for ABM campaigns
  • The importance of scale in ABM copywriting
  • … and more

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