Podcast 30: How to fire up your writers to create brilliant copy

When content is written with enthusiasm, it’s more likely to get results. So how can marketers inspire their writers to inject more passion into their copy?

During his keynote at this month’s Content Marketing World, Convince and Convert’s Jay Baer discussed the importance of passion in content marketing. He went on to say that:

“Passion is the differentiator, more so than any tactic. It will set you apart.”

And Velocity Partners’ Doug Kessler explained at this year’s B2B Summit – during his talk Stop Creating Crap: 10 reasons your content isn’t very good but could be – that one of the ways to produce great content is to fill your writers with enthusiasm.

In B2B, 70% of marketers are producing more content marketing now than they did in 2013, but content alone won’t move the needle. What’s going to make brands stand out is content that is truly great. Content fuelled by passionate, convincing copy that drives people to take action.

So how can you ensure your copywriters approach a blog post about your latest product with the same fervour as they would their own novel or personal blog?

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, I’m joined by Fiona to discuss what B2B marketers can do to help their copywriters find the inspiration they need to write outstanding content.

Listen now to find out:

  • Why great copy starts with a fired-up writer
  • What’s stopping your copywriters getting excited about your brief
  • 4 ways marketers can inspire writers to create outstanding copy
  • Hallmarks of a project created with passion
  • … and more

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