Podcast 32: How to write a top-notch B2B landing page

Landing pages are where the action happens on your website, so they must be persuasive. We look at how to write a landing page for best results.

A great landing page is one that spurs the visitor to take action: register for a report, sign up for a free trial or request a product demo.

As such, they’re cornerstones of digital marketing strategy, generating leads, taking names, and generally showing marketers who’s interested in what.

But to be really successful, a landing page has to be persuasively written from start to finish – and getting the copy right is no easy task.

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, seasoned copywriters Fiona Campbell-Howes and David McGuire discuss how to write a top-notch landing page for your B2B website.

Listen now to find out:

  • What a landing page needs to do
  • How to get the copy right
  • Copy pitfalls to avoid
  • What makes a compelling call to action
  • … and more

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