Podcast 40: How I made content marketing work for our small B2B business

Executing a content marketing strategy may seem out of reach for small businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. Listen to the 40th episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, and find out how to make content marketing work for your small business.

Google “benefits of content marketing” and you’ll be served up a host of articles explaining why it should be a part of your overall marketing strategy.

But in the four years since I joined Radix, approaches to content marketing have matured and evolved. Today it’s not just enough to be producing content; you need to have three things:

  1. A content marketing strategy to keep you focused
  2. Great content that sets you apart from your competition
  3. Reliable ways of measuring your content’s effectiveness

This may seem difficult, if not impossible, for small businesses to reach for.

I’m here to tell you it isn’t impossible for SMEs to do effective content marketing.

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, I talk to Fiona about my approach to content marketing for our own 12-person business. I explain how I’ve made content marketing work for Radix Communications since we started our programme in 2012.

Listen now to find out:

  • Why you need a content marketing strategy
  • Which free or low-cost tools you can use to run your content programme
  • Where to find the best content advice
  • How to overcome the challenges of creating good content
  • How to figure out your niche
  • … and more

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