Podcast 35: Three kinds of B2B marketing content you’re probably missing

If you focus all your marketing content on the funnel, you’re only doing half the job. Let’s introduce you to PREFU, REFU and POFU…


As long ago as 2011, Joe Pulizzi pointed out that inbound marketing alone isn’t enough for content marketing to deliver its full value.

More recently, B2B agencies have been lining up to put the boot into the funnel as a metaphor for your customers’ buying process. Velocity Partners called it a poisonous metaphor, Octopus Group suggested it’s actually more of a pretzel and – possibly most fun of all – Workbrands suggested it’s really a water park.

But still, content marketers seem keen to map their marketing assets to stages of the traditional funnel: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. What else should we be writing, how should we really see the funnel, and what does it all mean for B2B copywriting?

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, Radix’s MD Fiona Campbell-Howes and I expand on my recent blog post about addressing these missing parts of the funnel, and discuss:

  • Why people are questioning the funnel
  • The importance of PREFU, REFU and POFU content
  • Account-Based Marketing, and what it means for B2B writers
  • Whether anyone would actually want to eat an octopus pretzel
  • … and more.

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Our music is by Industrial and Marine …and if you’d like to try an octopus pretzel, there’s a recipe here (full disclosure: it doesn’t actually contain octopus).

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