Podcast 34: What it takes to master B2B ads

Find out why B2B ad copy needs to be let off the leash and how to stop it being so by-the-numbers.


In 2014, spending on B2B display ads topped $1.5 billion for the biggest 100 B2B US advertisers.

But are B2B brands making the most of their ad copy? Often B2B ads try to say and do too much, making it difficult for audiences to draw any real sense of meaning from their ads.

Where strong, simple messages are needed, B2B ads are often filled with jargon-heavy language that obscures their meaning or leaves you wondering if they even have a message. Like Ryan Wallman, Head of Copy at Wellmark, has said: “obfuscation” in ads and corporate copy is a real problem and something needs to be done about it.

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, I’m joined by David McGuire, Radix’s Creative Director, to discuss the simple steps B2B ads could take to be memorable and relevant.

Listen now to find out:

  • The most common copy mistakes in B2B ads
  • How to write really good B2B ad copy
  • Why B2B video ads succeed where print ads fail
  • The differences between digital display ads and print ads
  • … and more

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Good B2B ad examples mentioned in the podcast

Oglivy B2B ad

Advanced Engineering ad by The John Knowles Company

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