Radix Copycast episode 10 – getting to grips with email lead nurturing campaigns

Welcome to episode 10 of the Radix Copycast – this time we’re discussing the rise in email nurture campaigns in B2B marketing, and our advice for copywriters on how to survive the onslaught.

B2B vendors and their marketing agencies have been adopting marketing automation systems in droves this year, with the result that copywriters are suddenly being inundated with requests to write complex, multi-month, multi-stream email campaigns.

In our latest podcast, Fiona explains the nuances of lead nurturing and how copywriters can adapt to the demands of these campaigns, including:

  • Understanding the lead nurturing process
  • Getting to grips with complex campaign flows
  • Mapping tone and copy to the buyer persona and buying stage
  • Getting creative – and strategic – with subject lines
  • Spotting opportunities to create additional content

Download the episode here (right-click and “save as” to download). Or listen in the player at the top of the page.

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Music by Industrial and Marine.

P.S. We hope you can hear an improvement in our audio quality – this is thanks to Matthew Clarke of KernowPods. Matthew recently provided us with a podcasting workshop.

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