Radix Copycast Episode 14 – the true value of marketing copy

Why do marketers – and copywriters – still treat copy as a commodity?

If 800 words of copy can lead to a $2m deal, you’d think it would be easy to assign a business value to marketing copy. So why do marketers – and copywriters – still treat copy as a commodity?

That’s just one question we try to answer in this episode of the Radix Copycast, for which Fiona and I are joined by Matt Godfrey, Director and Senior Copywriter here at Radix.

We also examine why, in the real world,  it’s largely impractical for copywriters to move away from pricing copy on a per-word or per-hour basis.

But are there some situations where results-based pricing could work for copywriters and their clients? We consider whether marketing automation might make it possible for marketers and writers to monitor how well copy performs, with a view to gauging its true financial value.

Finally we discuss ways in which copywriters can demonstrate the quality and value of their copy, including:

  • Becoming your own content marketer and using your site to showcase your content
  • Establishing a writing niche, either in an industry or content format
  • Asking for feedback from clients to see how your work is performing
  • Showcasing client testimonials and recommendations on your website

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