Have your say: take part in the #b2bcopychat questionnaire

Should #b2bcopychat shift to a new time slot? Whether you’re one of the regulars, or a copy chat novice, this poll is for you.

Have your say: take part in the #b2bcopychat questionnaire

One of the only Twitter chats tackling business-to-business copywriting is approaching its second birthday and it’s time for a change – if you want it.

#b2bcopychat has discussed using jargon in B2B copywriting; best practices for writing blog posts for B2B audiences; tips on writing engaging content and much more.

But we get that hosting the Twitter chat when we do (first Tuesday of the month, 4-5pm GMT) isn’t always the best for everyone and that other commitments might stop some people taking part.

Is it time for a change?

Should the time and/or day change for when we host it? Or is it all fine as it is? Is there something you’d like us to do differently? Or do you have a suggestion for a future topic?

If you could answer five quick questions, it’ll help us (and if there’s anything you’d like us to do differently, let us know in Q5):

(If the questionnaire embed isn’t working for you: head here.)

Please note: #b2bcopychat will be taking a short hiatus in December. Keep an eye on #b2bcopychat and @radixcom to find out when the next chat is happening in January.

Want to know more about #b2bcopychat?

Unsure whether #b2bcopychat is for you? Here’s a Storify of November’s chat:

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