Long vs short: how to write comics for B2B audiences

Comics can fit on less than a page or span entire books. What length of comic works for a business audience - and how do you write one for a B2B reader?

Script to strip: five quick tips for writing your first business comic

Comic book heroes are now a regular feature of Hollywood and graphic novels are winning literary prizes. But how should you go about writing the script for a business comic?

My week at Radix Communications

Meg joined the Radix team for a week as part of her Year 10 work experience. We asked her to write a blog post about what it was like working alongside us.

Radix Copy Insights: 2013 content trends

From the project briefs that flow into Radix Towers every day, and from watching what’s happening in B2B technology marketing, we get a great view of which content formats are in and which are out.

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