The Weekly Links Post: No. 5

An entirely subjective weekly selection of 15 links, roughly collated under the seven broad categories seen below:

Highlights from Guardian Technology (Because otherwise I just don’t get around to reading it now that it’s no longer in the print edition).

With tax breaks for the videogames industry announced, is gaming becoming culturally acceptable?

In the US, algorithms are already reporting the news. Scary… but not as scary as Glenn Beck.

Ever read spam? What if they paid you?

Aren’t those who buy music frequently the same ones who pirate it? Another reason why the Digital Economy bill might need more thought.

Murdoch’s paywall: pathetic, or maybe not such a bad idea after all?

Books, Writing & Storytelling

Jeff Howe at Wired has an idea: What if everyone on Twitter read the same book?

For all your cultural avant-garde needs: UbuWeb.

A site for designers seeking inspiration, book geeks, or just those who like to judge a book by its cover: Cover Browser. (via DownloadSquad)

Social Media

Making drama out of tweets, IMs and other social media postings: Inst Msgs.

Yet another Facebook privacy change

Useful Apps & Downloads

Download 82 of the most essential free / open source apps from one dashboard: ZeuApp. See also: Ninite. (via Lifehacker)

Superb open source cross-platform video and internet TV player Miro has upgraded to version 3 – and added a video converter.

Games & Other Distractions

Could this be the UK Hulu? SeeSaw streams live and archive UK TV.

Music + payment mechanism = mflow?


What’s inside the iPad (as if you hadn’t guessed already). (via @MattMason)

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