Radix Copy Insights: 2013 content trends

From the project briefs that flow into Radix Towers every day, and from watching what’s happening in B2B technology marketing, we get a great view of which content formats are in and which are out.

Chocolate and Vodka: […] POST REDACTED

A blog post on covering publishing events has an important lesson for B2B marketers looking to use events coverage to bolster a brand’s content marketing.

Choosing an agency project management system: our experience

Lots of creative agencies get to a point where they can no longer manage with spreadsheets and have to make the leap to a proper project management system. At Radix we’ve recently gone through that process – Sophie shares our experience and her tips for making a successful transition.

How to get freelance work from a copywriting agency

Five things you can do that will have agencies falling over themselves to hire you.

Getting Started with B2B Podcasting

What do you need to start podcasting? We’ve produced a not-too-techy guide for first-time podcasters.

Powerful storytelling techniques at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

B2B copywriters can learn a lot about storytelling from these superb multimedia displays.

The New Yorker: why Boston’s hospitals were ready

This fantastic story in the New Yorker should be an inspiration to B2B case study writers everywhere.

Marketing Week: Gangnam Style marketing

B2B marketers are averse to doing anything wacky, but sometimes the viral promise of a wildly popular meme proves too strong to resist. But before you make that video, read this first.

Why Radix doesn’t use Facebook (at least for now)

In a B2B marketing environment that - almost - dictates that enterprises must have a presence on Facebook - is it best for every business to be there?

Connecting the dots: 5 tips from Velocity’s March Content Marketing Hangout

The latest Content Marketing Hangout hosted by Stan Woods, MD at Velocity Partners (B2B technology marketing specialists), has again delivered some keen insight into the belly of content marketing.

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