Webinar: How to brief your B2B copywriter (the right way)

Creating successful B2B content starts long before the writing. In this live webinar recording, you'll discover George's simple formula for a clear, effective copywriting brief.

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This webinar has now taken place, but you can watch it on-demand on our YouTube channel or read the full transcript (available soon).

A great piece of B2B content doesn’t begin with the writing, or even interviewing the subject matter expert. It starts with the brief.

The brief you give your copywriter sets the tone – and the pace – for your whole content creation process. It allows your writer to ask better questions, and helps their copy to hit the mark first time, so the content you publish fits the vision in your head.

But knowing what to put in a brief and what to leave out, and how to communicate it clearly, can be a minefield. How much is enough information? How much is too much?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Because who better to ask about the best way to brief a B2B copywriter than… a B2B copywriter?

Listen to this live webinar recording with George Reith, a Consultant Writer with a deep well of knowledge and experience for you to tap.

In this webinar, George covers:

  • How to put together the ideal copywriting briefing document
  • Best practices to get the most out of briefing calls
  • And what makes briefing so difficult in the first place

Watch the on-demand webinar recording here.



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