Welcome to: Tech copywriters get their hands dirty

In a new blog series, we’ll be getting hands-on with technology and writing about it. Every last grisly detail.


Which kind of copywriter would you rather use for your tech copy? One who couldn’t pick an RJ45 connector out of a line-up, or one who voluntarily gets to grips with the gnarliest tech they can get their hands on?


Many business technology buying decisions are influenced (and made) by techies – developers, sysadmins, and DBAs.

As writers, we believe that the closer we can get to the day-to-day work of people in technology roles, the more “real” the topics we write about will become, and the better our understanding will be when we get briefed by clients.

Copywriters get hands-on with technology

That’s the thinking behind our new blog series. Over the next few months we’ll be challenging ourselves to get hands-on with tech that’s slightly more hardcore than installing printer drivers, setting up a home WiFi network, or formatting a blog post in WordPress.

We know we’ll never be real technologists; we’re trained as writers, not coders. But being able to understand and empathise with techier readers in our writing is important. Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing puts it neatly:

Empathy can act as a shortcut to trust if it’s done in an authentic manner.

And anything we can do to increase authenticity is a good way of making audiences pay attention to the marketing content we write for our clients.

Let the challenge commence!

So what will be doing to get our hands dirty?

Over the year, members of the Radix team will be doing things like wrestling with installing and using Linux; learning to code in Python (and coding something in it); getting a Raspberry Pi 2.0 to spy on our homes or mine bitcoins, and a couple of other projects.

Our founder, Fiona, meanwhile, intends to teach herself basic networking, and to become lord and master of our switch cabinet and router.

We’ll let you know how we get on!

Idea for a challenge?

If you have an idea for something we could try out, please let us know in the comments below.

RJ45 adapted from CAT5e / RJ-45 by Justin, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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