What was big in B2B copy in 2015? The Radix Christmas wrap-up

Blogs, web copy and nurture campaigns: the Radix team reflect on the big trends of 2015 in B2B copywriting and content marketing—and our hopes for 2016.

As a B2B tech copywriting agency, we have a great on-the-ground view of what enterprise tech brands are doing with their content.

In 2015 we wrote for more than 50 tech brands – producing over 700 individual content pieces – and it’s fascinating to look back at the trends that emerged over the year.

For this end-of-year video, we asked eight of our team members for their perspectives on:

  • What was a big trend you saw this year in terms of the type of project you’ve worked on?
  • Which project(s) did you most enjoy working on in 2015?
  • Which formats / approaches do you think will be big in B2B content marketing next year?
  • What’s your one wish for 2016, work-wise?

One of the year’s biggest surprises for us was the resurgence of blog posts. After quietening down during 2014, demand for blog content ramped back up massively in 2015.

But these weren’t the cheap and cheerful blog posts of yore. No, we’re talking blog posts that were given the time and investment needed to be much more than just filler. These were solid pieces of online content that were original, informative and/or entertaining.

As Radix’s founder Fiona says:

There’s lots of evidence that really good, high quality, interesting and unique blogs work really well to attract search traffic, but also to demonstrate your expertise and your knowledge. Especially if it’s expertise and knowledge that nobody else has.

What did we think of B2B content in 2015 and what do we wish for 2016? Watch now to find out:

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(Thank you to Paul Blewitt for producing and editing the video.)

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