Why we love B2B Copywriting. (And why we think you’ll love it too…)

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question almost everyone is asked as a child, but how many of us actually followed through with our dreams?

a blue background with 3D words spelling Write On in read and orange, to illustrate the blog; why we became B2B copywriters.

Sure, there are those special few who become the actors or doctors or astronauts they always knew they were destined to be. But I’m not convinced anybody here at Radix wanted to be B2B copywriters.

David, our Creative Director, wanted to be an actor so much that he wrote to Steven Spielberg in hope of being cast in his next movie. Then there’s George, a Consultant Writer, who dreamt of being a dinosaur. In another dimension, I’d like to think the pair of them ended up in Jurassic Park together.

But somehow, we all found our way to a warehouse in Cornwall, writing amazing content for some of the biggest tech brands in the world. And we love it.

The long (and short) road to Radix

Wild as it may seem to some, many of our past junior writers joined Radix right out of university. You see, we know just how tough it can be to get writing experience as a graduate, let alone a paying gig. So, we do what we can to help change that.

Others (like me) gained years of experience across different roles and sectors before settling in as a B2B copywriter. And that’s part of what makes Radix so great – due to all our differences, each of us brings something unique and important to the team.

But that’s enough from me. Let’s ask some of the Radix team how they found their way to B2B copywriting – and why they love it.

David McGuire, Creative Director

“I came to B2B via the public sector. I wrote a lot of press releases and internal communications – making arcane, jargon-laden subjects clear and engaging for the reader. And because of that, it wasn’t such a big jump to B2B copy,” says David.

“I like how B2B writing gives me the opportunity to learn a little bit about a lot of niche subjects. I know about cybersecurity, air conditioning refrigerants, domain name structures, and forklift trucks… it kind of gives you a sneaky peak into all the jobs that go on behind the scenes. The stuff that you otherwise might never have thought of.”

Ben Clarke, Copywriter

Ben joined Radix as part of a four-week internship, only he impressed us so much we soon offered him a permanent role. And here’s why Ben said yes…

“I was always led to believe writers needed to be creative and imaginative. But B2B technology copy is more often about solving challenges and finding out which pieces of messaging fit where and what points will resonate with your audience,” he says.

“It’s a role that taps into the more mathematical side of my brain, and it’s made me think about writing in a different way. Ultimately, it’s helped me realise I can be a professional writer without having to produce fancy prose.”

George Reith, Consultant Writer

Before joining us, George worked prolifically as a freelance videogame journalist. Today, he’s a walking encyclopedia on all things B2B tech.

“Effectively our job is to take a subject that’s really complex and make it straightforward and simple for the reader,” says George. “It’s fascinating to dive into different worlds of technology and peer behind the curtain of different businesses. It’s helped me nurture an empathy and understanding for all the challenges they face.”

Katy Eddy, Senior Copywriter and Content Lead

Progression can be swift within our team. Katy Eddy rose rapidly through the ranks at Radix since joining as a junior in 2016.

“I was pretty much as fresh as they come. I interviewed for Radix the week I graduated – a very rapid turnaround. I’d like to say I was born knowing I wanted to be B2B copywriter. But the truth is, you don’t really know it exists. No one talks to you about copywriting during school or university,” she explains.

“I started looking into it and saw that it was a very viable career path. The idea of being paid to write full time was too hard to pass up. So, I took a shot, and here we are. I’ve been with Radix for five years. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind.”

Claire Goodfellow, Junior Copywriter

Having joined us over the summer, Claire is everything we could want from a junior – and here’s what she makes of us.

“After my degree in English from The University of Exeter, I went straight into a graduate accountant job. I also went straight out of it. There was no creativity; it was all templates and putting things in boxes. I soon realised I wanted a career focused on writing,” says Claire.

“When I saw the job at Radix advertised, I read lots of our blog posts and discovered copywriting as an option I hadn’t considered before. And I’m loving it. I always hear people say they love their job, and now that’s me.”

Make the move to B2B

If you’re looking to get a foot on the ladder of a writing career, head on over to our on-demand webinarto hear more about Katy’s journey to copywriting. Or, if you’ve got loads of B2B copywriting experience to tell us about, take a look at our careers page. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Clare Edwards

Clare joined Radix for several months in 2021, bringing extensive experience in the telecoms industry, spanning digital copywriting, brand management, and content design. She understands how big organisations tick – and how they can use copy and content to improve user experience.

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